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Lucantin® CX 10% NXT (Citranaxanthin)

With BASF, delicious can be a color.

Our next generation of carotenoids is stabilized by propyl gallate (PG) and butylhydroxytoluene (BHT) or tocopherol. Extensive trials have shown that Lucantin® NXT products deliver high homogeneity, outstanding stability and long shelf life while maintaining egg yolk and broiler skin coloring efficacy. These carotenoid formulations meet the latest Regulation (EC) No 2017/962, which requires to withdraw EQ as a feed additive.  

Poultry cannot produce carotenoids on their own, which is why the color of egg yolks depends on the carotenoids combination in their diets. Dark red pigmentation can be achieved with Citranaxanthin, the active ingridient in Lucantin® CX 10% NXT. The required dosage depends on the xanthophyll content of the ration.

NOTE: Lucantin® CX forte will still be available outside the EU 28 market.

Key benefits of BASF NXT carotenoids

  • Exceptional performance
  • High homogeneity
  • Outstanding stability
  • Long shelf life

Role in animal nutrition

Citranaxantin is a red pigment used exclusively in poultry feeds to impart red color to egg yolks. In combination with yellow carotenoids, citrana­xanthin intensifies the pigmentation and imparts the desired golden­yellow color. Citranaxanthin has been applied in this field for many decades. In comparison with canthaxanthin, a constant action ratio of 1.5:1 is achieved over the entire range.

Why Lucantin® CX 10% NXT?


With Lucantin® CX 10% NXT (citranaxanthin) any egg yolk color of darker pigment is possible. But not only hue is important, color intensity counts, too. The human eye merges both attributes to one color impression, and the perfect pigmentation will always have to score on both levels. 

Dosage recommendations

Lucantin® CX forte dosage recommendations for layer feeds (based on BASF Ovocolor scale, 2001)

Content of natural yellow coloring carotenoids (ppm) Supplements of Lucantin® dry powder in g/t of feed for an intended color scale value of:
  6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
0-2 - - 8 15 23 38 53 75 90 105
2-4 - - 8 15 23 38 53 75 90 105
4-6 - - 8 15 23 38 53 75 90 105
6-8 - - 8 15 23 38 53 75 90 105
8-10 - - 8 15 23 38 53 75 90 105
10-12 - - 8 15 23 38 53 75 90 105
12-16 - - - 8 23 38 53 75 90 105
16+ - - - 8 15 38 53 75 90 105

Disclaimer: National regulations may vary and need to be considered prior to product use.

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Everyone who cares about food should care about its color. Color is more than just good looks; it is important for taste, for appeal, and for perceived quality of food. At BASF we try to help farmers create more value from fewer resources. That is why carotenoids play such an important part in our work. The color of egg yolks, broiler skin, salmonids or shrimp determines how much a farmer will receive for his efforts.


The color of egg yolks ranges from a very pale, powdery yellow to a deep, dark, golden orange depending on a range of influences such as the carotenoid content in the diet, or the age of the hen. At the same time, markets around the globe have very clear preferences as to the desired color. Luckily, farmers who want to meet market demands can rely on Lucantin® Yellow, Lucantin® Red and Lucantin® CX forte for precise results.

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BASF’s feed additives help poultry, such as laying hens and broilers, to make better use of the energy in their feed. The enzyme Natugrain® TS, for example, makes wheat and barley easier to digest. We also provide Lucantin®, which gives eggs their appealing yellow-orange yolks.