Animal Nutrition

Choline Chloride

What your body needs to form vital bodily substances

Choline, which is included in vitamin-like substances, is absolutely necessary for the formation of vital bodily substances, for example creatine and adrenaline, and in fat conversion and other metabolic reactions.

Moreover, choline performs other functions in the metabolism as a building block and it cannot be replaced by betaine or by methionine (so-called essential choline requirement).


  • Building block for ceramides
  • Building block for lecithine
  • Building block for acetylcholine

Choline serves among other things as a:

  • Building block of acetylcholine, which in this case has an important function in the transmission of stimuli in the nervous system (neurotransmitter).
  • Building block of lecithin (phosphatidylcholine). Lecithin is one of the basic constituents of animal cell membranes.
  • Building block of ceramides, which are present in the brain tissues. Interference in the enzymatic synthesis or degradation of these membrane building blocks results in metabolic disorders.

The supply of choline must be ensured by the formation of choline in the animal body and by addition to the feed. Choline is in equilibrium with other vitamins. Its synthesis is promoted by vitamin B12.

Dosage Recommendations*

per kg complete feed (88% dry matter)  
Piglets, prestarter 400-600 mg
Piglets, starter 300-500 mg
Grower 250-400 mg
Finisher 250-350 mg
Breeding sows 300-500 mg
Breeding boars 300-500 mg
per kg complete feed (88% dry matter)  
Chickens, starter 400-700 mg
Chickens, pullets 250-400 mg
Laying hens 300-500 mg
Breeding hens 400-600 mg
Broilers 300-600 mg
Turkeys, starter 800-1,200 mg
Turkeys, grower 600-800 mg
Turkeys, finisher 500-700 mg
Turkeys, breeding animals 500-700 mg
Ducks/geese 400-600 mg
Ruminants and horses
per animal and day
Calves, milk replacers
(per kg feed)
150-250 mg
(per 100 kg live weight per day)
150-250 mg
Saddle horses
(per 100 kg live weight per day)
150-250 mg
Racing horses and breeding horses
(per 100 kg live weight per day)
300-400 mg
Pets and fish
per kg complete feed (88% dry matter)
Dogs 1,000-1,200 mg
Cats 1,200-1,400 mg
Rabbits 600-800 mg
Minks 600-800 mg
Cold water fish 800-1,000 mg
Warm water fish 600-800 mg
Shrimps 400-600 mg

*refer to Choline Chloride Solution 75%.

Note: In North America we only offer Choline Chloride Solution 70%

Disclaimer: National regulations may vary and need to be considered prior to product use.