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Vitamins are essential for the vital growth and development of animals. As one of the first vitamin producers, BASF has been producing high quality vitamins – vitamins that are pure, stable and reliable - since 1970.

BASF is a leading producer of vitamin A (Lutavit® A 1000 NXT, Lutavit® A 500 Plus, Lutavit® A 500 S NXT), vitamin A/D3 (Lutavit® A/D3 1000/200 NXT), vitamin E (Lutavit® E 50, Lutavit® E 50 S), vitamin B2 (Lutavit® B2 SG80) and vitamin B5 (Lutavit® Calpan 98%). All vitamins are available in powder form; Lutavit® E and Lutavit® A are additionally available as oil - Vitamin E-Acetate, Vitamin A-Palmitate and Vitamin A-Propionate.


Lutavit® A

Vitamin A is only found in feeds of animal origin. Vegetable feedstuffs do not contain vitamin A, but its intermediates, carotenes. A sufficiently high supply of vitamin A results in increased resistance to infectious diseases, as it keeps the skin and mucous membranes healthy and is thus an effective barrier against bacteria, viruses and parasites. Vitamin A also influences the synthesis of important hormones in the ovaries and the adrenal cortex.


Lutavit® E

Vitamin E plays numerous roles in the body. It supports the efficiency of the animal’s immune system in fighting infectious agents and reduces sensitivity to stress. Vitamin E deficiencies occur most frequently in cattle in the winter, when vitamin E content of the feed is lower as a result of storage. Furthermore, a decrease in the concentration of vitamin E in the blood is observed in the period around birth.

Supplementing with vitamin E above the normal recommendations has shown a range of positive effects on animal health. Increased doses of vitamin E can, for example, improve immunity and protection against infections. In dairy cows, the aim of this approach is to increase membrane protection, which can benefit udder health and thus improve the milk cell count.

The cows’ reproductive activity can be promoted in various ways by supplementing with vitamin E. For example, in studies, it was possible to prevent a drop in the vitamin E concentration in the blood around the time of calving. This can result in a lower incidence of retained placenta in dairy cattle. A faster return to heat after calving and a shorter time until the first insemination have been also been reported.

Lutavit® B2

High-quality vitamin B2 (riboflavin) is crucial for the vital growth and development of animals as well as human beings. Premixers, feed millers, and integrators rely on a constant supply of vitamin B2 with a consistent quality. During the last 26 years BASF has continuously refined its unique technology that produces vitamin B2 in a way that ensures a pure and safe product. BASF technology can be considered to be the one closest to nature in the current vitamin B2 technology environment: The fungus is closely related to baker’s yeast and is a natural producer of vitamin B2. The specific orange color of our Lutavit® B2 SG 80 is a result of our high-quality fermentation process.


Lutavit® Calpan 98%

Owing to its role in the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, pantothenic acid is essential for all major species of livestock and companion animals. Calcium d-pantothenate deficiency can lead to pathological changes in the skin and mucous membranes, poor feed utilization, diarrhea, and hormonal and nervous disorders. Pigs and poultry are fundamentally dependent on supplementation of their feed with Calcium d-pantothenate (scientific quote). The requirement is 8-20 mg per kg of complete feed, depending on the species. For shrimp, a higher dosage is recommended (100-150 mg). Lutavit Calpan 98% is suitable for all types of vitamin blends, premixes, and both mineral and mixed feeds.

Choline Chloride

Choline, which is included in vitamin-like substances, is absolutely necessary for the formation of vital bodily substances, for example creatine and adrenaline, and in fat conversion and other metabolic reactions. The supply of choline must be ensured by the formation of choline in the animal body and by addition to the feed. Choline is in equilibrium with other vitamins. Its synthesis is promoted by vitamin B12.

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