Animal Nutrition

Carotenoids for individual pigmentation

Poultry, fish or shrimp cannot produce carotenoids by their own. This is why feed needs to contain them. The color of egg-yolks, fish meat or shrimp depends on carotenoid combinations in their diets. Natural identical carotenoids by BASF help animal producers to attain exactly the nuances of color that are preferred by their customers.

We also eat with our eyes. With our Lucantin® and Lucarotin® brands, we offer a highly effective and efficient option for pigmenting your breakfast eggs or salmon filet for dinner. When these carotenoids are mixed with feed, they are absorbed by the metabolism and give the final product an attractive color. Animals cannot usually synthesize carotenoids themselves, so they need to receive them in their diet.

Benefits of BASF's carotenoids

  • Highly efficient and cost-effective
  • High bioavailability
  • Outstanding stability during storage and feed production
  • Color can be adjusted to meet customer's expectations

Role in animal nutrition

Carotenoids are widely used in animal nutrition. For their coloring properties, they are incorporated into feeds in order to pigment egg yolks, broiler skin, fish and crustaceans. BASF’s products are also applied wherever carotenoids are seen to have fertility­enhancing and health­boosting roles. The fertility of cattle, swine, and horses can be improved through feeding beta­carotene. Astaxanthin and canthaxanthin, in contrast, have health and growth improving potential in larval fish and in salmonid fingerlings.

What makes the Lucantin® and Lucarotin® carotenoids unique solutions?

BASF offers a range of specially formulated carotenoids for pigmenting egg yolks, broiler skins, fish, or shrimp. The colors are ranging from yellow to red. Lucantin® and Lucarotin® products are highly bioavailable, stable, and cost-effective. BASF’s sophisticated beadlet technology reliably protects the active ingredients from heat and mechanical stresses to make them more bioavailable and stable in feed production. A unique microencapsulation process ensures robust, free-flowing beadlets that are easy to use with minimal dusting. The Lucantin® and Lucarotin® carotenoids meet consumer demands.

Customer benefits

BASF carotenoids are highly efficient and cost-effective and therefore suitable for a more sustainable feed production. Compared to natural alternatives, BASF nature-identical products exhibit less variation in carotenoid content, improved bioavailability, and better stability during storage and feed production. The color imparted by BASF carotenoids can be adjusted to meet customers’ expectations and the requirements of food producers.


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