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Amasil® is a formic acid that supports vital animal performance through optimal feed hygiene. As a very effective and easy way of acidifying feed while eliminating salmonella and inhibiting molds, organic acids from BASF in their pure form enjoy considerable use in the compound feed industry.

Safeguarding feed value

Contaminated feed is the main source of Salmonella infections in animal production (swine, poultry). Salmonella infections in animal production result in reduced feed conversion and increased mortality.

Additionally, increasing antibiotic resistance is a major concern for all industry stakeholders. Optimal feed hygiene supports vital animal performance. Feed hygiene also includes prevention of yeast and molds.


  • Fights harmful enteral bacteria through the antimicrobial effect of formic acid
  • Improves digestibility of compound feed for better feed conversion and vitality
  • As buffered mixture, Amasil® NA maintains carbon steel infrastructure longer with less corrosiveness.

Improving performance

Due to limited gastric acid production, some animals such as young piglets are unable to digest feed properly. Acidification of piglet feed lowers the pH of the feed and reduces the buffer capacity. This enables the piglet, even with limited gastric acid production, to digest the feed in its stomach in an optimal manner and make full use of all nutrients. Studies also showed that formic acid significantly improves feed conversion in broilers.

Buffered, as mixture or pure

In its purest form, it has a strong acidifying effect and pronounced antimicrobial efficacy. It is also a powerful weapon in the fight against pathogens such as salmonella and E. coli.

You can either chose from our pure acid Amasil® and pure acid mixtures or you can also opt for a milder, less corrosive (irritant) alternative. Amasil® NA is a buffered mixture, user-friendly and easy to handle.

VIDEO: Striking gold with Amasil® NA: When a customer sells your product!

We spoke to BASFs long-term customer COREN, one of the largest agro-food cooperatives in Spain about their recent experiences with Amasil® NA and Amasil® 85.

Video - Coren: An Integrator's experience with Amasil

Dosage recommendations

Acidification in vivo (in kg/t)

  Amasil® 85 Amasil® NA
Piglets 5-8 6-12
Fattenig Pigs 3-5 4-6
Breeding sows 4-6 5-9
Broilers 2-3 3-4
Turkeys 3-5 4-6

Acidification of milk and dairy products:
0.1 – 0.3% Amasil 85 (0.15 – 0.35% Amasil NA), corresponding to 1 – 3% of a 10% solution inwater, should be mixed in to obtain the required acidification.

Silage making:

Depending on the dry matter content of the forage, 0.15 – 0.7% (1.5 – 7 kg/t) Amasil 85(0.3 – 0.45% Amasil NA) is required to reduce the pH rapidly and to achieve optimal ensiling with good anaerobic stability. Acid-resistant equipment must be used for the application.

Disclaimer: National regulations may vary and need to be considered prior to product use. 

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