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Mobile NIR Spectroscopy Solution for animal feed


Feed formulation and continuous quality control of raw materials are time-consuming and tedious – leaving room for inefficiencies. Thus, there is a need in the feed industry for increased flexibility and tailored solutions.

This is why BASF Animal Nutrition teamed up with trinamiX GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of BASF SE developing and selling cutting-edge 3D vision and infrared sensing solutions. With their Mobile Near Infrared (NIR) Spectroscopy Solutions trinamiX makes this well-established industrial method affordable and accessible beyond factory and laboratory applications. The ‘lab in the pocket’ provides fast and reliable on-site analysis of forages, animal feed ingredients, and finished feeds.

Your benefits at a glance

Benefits at a glance

  • Transparent nutrition
    Know exactly what is inside the animal feed you work with – as raw material or finished feed. Gain instant information* about, e.g.:
    • Moisture • Protein • Amino acids
    • Fat • NDF • Energy content
  • Reliable measurements
    Patented optical detectors and proprietary chemometrics bring lab reliability into your pocket.
  • Robust solution
    Dust and water resistant, shockproof: Developed for the field and tested for your peace of mind.

Shining a light on animal feed – watch how it works


Your questions – our answers

With our Mobile NIR Spectroscopy Solution, BASF Animal Nutrition and trinamiX are delivering value where it matters most: In the field. Professionals like feed millers, nutritionists, and farmers are now equipped with a powerful tool for on-site feed analysis that is

  • easy-to-use, robust, and resistant to water, dust or dirt
  • tailored to your needs thanks to continuous further development of features and applications
  • cloud-based to keep all your data safe and accessible from anywhere.

  • Mobile high-performance spectrometer powered by our patent protected IR detectors
  • Cloud-based chemometric analytics based on our chemical expertise and industry-leading data
  • Actionable results via smartphone & PC app offering a broad range of applications 

Based on AUNIR's widely established INGOTLab database, our NIR solution delivers accurate insights into a broad range of animal feed products, including forages, feed ingredients, and finished feed.


New applications in the near future


Together with customers, partners and experts BASF Animal Nutrition and trinamiX are working constantly on further enhancing the solution.

Updates via cloud ensure that upcoming applications can be offered to existing users without replacing their hardware.

Stay tuned!


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