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Cloudfarms is the first fully cloud-based swine management system for highly productive and efficient livestock farming.

Especially large-scale, multi-sited pig farms nowadays face the challenge to manage their pig production efficiently and sustainably while also offering traceability to enable farm to fork transparency. With an easy-to-use mobile app and software Cloudfarms addresses the requirements of modern swine production. It supports all processes and is suitable for farms of any size. Cloudfarms saves time, prevents mistakes, and helps to make data-driven decisions. The insights gained through digital solutions by analyzing and linking data along the value chain help increase efficiency, animal health and sustainability in swine production.

Your benefits at a glance

Cloudfarms’ farm management system enables producers to manage, track and analyze their production data from daily operations in real-time:

  • Proactive and responsive customer support
  • No software installations or software  upgrades required
  • Fast system performance
  • Instant access to real-time reports from any device
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Cloudfarms’ Pig Management System for highly productive and efficient pig farming

Cloudfarms offers an easy-to-use Pig Management System that supports all pork production processes, including full-line, breeding, multiplication, and nucleus management. Cloudfarms’ Pig Management System maximizes performance and enhances productivity of your farm.

Graphic: Full-line Production Management System - Smart Data Capture through Mobile App - Reporting for Single- and Multi-Sited Farms - Advanced Analysis and Benchmarking – in Real-time - Intelligent Workforce Management

Cloudfarms’ Traceability Platform - Learn how to track your products across the supply chain

Cloudfarms’ Traceability Platform provides transparency to track the full pork supply chain, including crop harvesting and storage, feed mill, pig production, slaughter, deboning, and meat processing. The solution enables companies along the whole pork value chain to quickly and securely enter, analyze and exchange data. Get the complete supply chain overview and provide the origin of your products.

Graphic which illustrates how the Cloudfarms’ Traceability Platform helps to track the full pork supply chain

Your questions – our answers

The Cloudfarms Pig Management System is the first fully cloud-based swine management system developed to address the requirements of modern pork production and is suitable for farms of any size.

Allowing transparency from field to fork, the Cloudfarms Traceability Platform brings benefits to the whole supply chain including integrators, pig producers, feed mills, processors and consumers. From tracing products in seconds and gaining full visibility of the supply chain to getting data-driven insights to optimize supply chain inefficiencies, there are many benefits of a traceability solution for every stakeholder group.

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Pig Management System

The Cloudfarms Pig Management System, including a mobile app and a web application, is the first fully cloud-based swine management system developed to address the requirements of modern pork production. The easy-to-use software supports all pork production processes and is suitable for farms of any size. Cloudfarms saves your time, prevents mistakes, and helps you make data-driven decisions. Cloudfarms’ Pig Management System maximizes performance and enhances productivity of your farm.

Cloudfarms Mobile App

  • Wi-Fi not required to use in the barn and automatic data sync when back in Wi-Fi range
  • Mobile designed to reduce data entry errors
  • Intuitive app interface for all level of users
  • Parallel access with unlimited number of users
  • User specific access and language selection
  • Instant data validation even without Wi-Fi
  • Reads QR codes or electronic ear tags (UHF & LF)
  • Customized farrowing alerts
  • Easy recording of fostering events
  • Wean ahead weaning function
  • Records group or individual treatments and provides retreatment alerts
  • Withdrawal alerts for treated animals

Cloudfarms Web Application

  • Real-time report refreshes every 20 minutes
  • Less time spent fixing errors
  • Day Report replaces white board
  • Reports in multiple languages
  • Option for instant multi-site reporting and benchmarking
  • Choose pre-defined or customize dynamic reports
  • Triple layer of data loss prevention
  • Cyber security
  • System framework built for fast data processing

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Traceability Platform 

The Cloudfarms Traceability Platform is a cloud-based solution that provides information about the origin and preparation of feed, such as: which fields grains originated from, identification of feed ingredients from external suppliers, and whether the feed contains genetically modified ingredients. It can also track medicine usage, both on individual animals and animal groups to credibly demonstrate whether the animals were raised without antibiotics.

The system supports tracking of individual slaughter pigs, so the slaughterhouse can get a “passport” for each delivered pig. The slaughter data (lean meat, carcass weight, illnesses, sex, payment, etc.) can be transmitted back to the farm for future optimization purposes.

Key Features:

  • “Pig Passport“
  • Contaminated batch
  • identification & recall
  • Stock overview
  • Sustainability
  • Standards, regulations, audit support
  • Incident tracking
  • Integrations: logistics optimization, data warehouse

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