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Aflatoxins can affect the work of any farmer – not only by spoiling feed, but by endangering the well-being of animals and the quality of their products. That’s why we consider mycotoxin binders to be one of our most important products.

We are especially proud of the superiority of Novasil Plus (Novasilect® AF) calcium bentonite in eliminating aflatoxins. It specifically binds aflatoxins and lowers their bioavailability in the animal to almost zero. Because it is clay, Novasil Plus can withstand feed pelleting and works actively at all levels of digestion.

Key benefits of BASF´s clay products

  • High heat stability
  • High pH resistance
  • Great bulk stability
  • Aflatoxing binding efficacy

Dosage recommendations

Add Novasil Plus or Novasilect AF at the rate of 1 – 5 kilograms per metric ton (0.1 – 0.5%) of finished feed, depending on aflatoxin levels in the feed. Novasil Plus is a non­nutritive additive. Do not exceed 2% inclusion rate in complete rations. Homogenous distribution during the mixing process is of great importance to have a good effect.

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