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Great news: Our mannanase Natupulse® TS receives regulatory approval for fattening poultry in Europe

Natupulse® TS contains the NSP enzyme ß-mannanase

Natupulse® TS supports feed utilization: Anti-nutritional factors lower the digestibility of feed and thereby increase overall production costs. 70% of the production cost for broiler and turkey are feed costs but up to 30% of the feed cannot be utilized by the animal.

Nutrients are not utilized partly due to antinutritional factors (ANFs) like ß-mannans which are contributed by soybean meal and other plant-derived protein sources in commercial diets. By adding Natupulse® TS containing the NSP enzyme ß-mannanase to the feed, nutrient and energy digestibility can be improved, supporting a more sustainable animal protein production.

Our Value Proposition

Natupulse® TS contains ß-mannanase that supports sustainable animal protein production by:

  • Decreasing digesta viscosity
  • Increasing nutrient and energy digestibility
  • Improving feed utilization

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Photo of Natupulse powder and liquid in petri dishes