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Our EMS Toolkit for Shrimp

With increasing food and nutritional needs on the one hand and production pressure from Early Mortality Syndrome (EMS) in shrimp on the other, there is a growing need for strategic and sustainable aquaculture production - we are here to help.

Our solution for EMS comes with applied dosage and proven efficacy. BASF offers the EMS toolkit for shrimp: Amasil® NA + Lucantin® Pink CWD, which work better together to mitigate EMS and optimize production.  

Proven results of the EMS Toolkit (Chuchird et al., 2015)

  • Growth performance - Improved body weight and survival rate of post-larvae shrimp
  • Survival rate - Amasil® NA alone or in combination with Lucantin® Pink CWD significantly improved the survival rate from 37% to 58%
  • Microbiological parameter - Amasil® NA alone considerably reduced total bacteria and Vibrio spp. count in the gut
  • Immunological parameter - Lucantin® Pink CWD significantly improved immunity against EMS causing bacteria