Animal Nutrition


The more complex the challenge, the more vital it becomes to find creative solutions. Thanks to our global research network, with renowned Animal Nutrition Institutes and our own research and development program, we are ideally placed to find creative answers to these complex challenges.


One step ahead

Our enzyme research is just one example. We recently added a highly competent team and pioneering technology center in California to help us further strengthen our development opportunities. We apply for lots of patents every year. In the time it’s taken you to read this website, we’ve probably added another idea to our list.

Unique production of vitamin B2

During the last 25 years BASF has continuously refined a unique technology that produces vitamin B2 in a way that ensures a pure and safe product: Lutavit® B2 SG 80. Find out why BASF’s fermentation process is different and unique compared to other vitamin B2 producers in the world.

Setting a benchmark with new generation phytase

The phytase pioneer, BASF, is again setting a benchmark in animal nutrition with its new generation phytase. Natuphos® E provides exactly what users in the feed industry want: It demonstrates unprecedented overall stability in challenging environments – be it in the animal gut, in premixes, base-mixes, in feed or during pelleting processes. Natuphos® E unlocks vital nutrients with an unprecedented overall stability resulting in convincing economic and environmental benefits.