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The science of sustainable feed that succeeds

This is an exciting and challenging time for the feed industry, as the demand for animal protein grows continuously, and the need for more sustainable animal husbandry becomes increasingly urgent.

With long-term experience in supporting farmers and farming, and a feed ingredients business built on proven, high-performing and sustainable solutions, we want to help you shape the future of the industry. And the way we will do this is by focusing still more sharply on the science of sustainable feed.

From our pioneering early work in vitamins and enzymes, through to our current broad and trusted portfolio of products and services, our aim is to work closely with you, collaboratively and in partnership. So we can better understand your needs, share knowledge and expertise, provide honest advice and technical support, solve problems, and reliably deliver the right solutions for you, your business and your customers. Recognizing that the best way to grow our business is by helping you grow yours.

Science-led solutions to the feed industry

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Photo of Lutavit A 1000 NXT granulate in a petri dish

High-quality feed ingredients

We offer high-quality ingredients that​ support our customers in producing healthy, high performing, sustainable feed. Our portfolio addresses lifetime performance and animal wellbeing: Carotenoids, Enzymes​, Glycinates, Monoglycerides, Mycotoxin binders, Organic acids, ​Vitamins.

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Science-led solutions for the animal protein industry - Photo of a pipette and well cell tray

Innovation strength

The more complex the challenge, the more vital it becomes to find creative solutions. At BASF ​we combine expertise ​in enzyme development and fermentation with core competencies in chemistry.​ Thanks to our global research network, with renowned Animal Nutrition Institutes and our own research and development program, we are ideally placed to find creative answers to the industry´s most complex challenges.

Our offer to the animal protein industry is science-led solutions which are sustainable, proven and effective.​ E.g. as a pioneer in the fields of enzymes in animal nutrition for more than 30 years, BASF has paved the way for better utilization of feed nutrients. Our dedicated enzyme R&D facility in San Diego, California is specialized in research and development of high-performance enzymes used in animal nutrition and other industrial applications.

Pioneer in sustainable feed and food production of additives - Photo: bee on a purple flower

Sustainable livestock production

BASF is a pioneer in sustainable feed and food production of additives that:

  • help prevent waste,
  • save resources and 
  • reduce the environmental impact of livestock production

We recognize the growing demand for more sustainable animal protein and we are committed to addressing this in everything we do. Chemistry is an enabler, making a difference to all three sustainability areas: Environment​, Social Responsibility​, Economy. Therefore, we are continuing to apply science and technology to support a sustainable livestock production. For the whole of the feed industry value chain, for your business and our business, this is a challenge and an opportunity.​ If we can continue to deliver and still become more sustainable, we will be well positioned to succeed.​

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Decades of experience in the feed sector - Visual: Quality - We are committed

Continuous commitment for uncompromised quality with high standards​

We are dedicated to providing the right quality ​and sharing expertise to you and your customers.​ BASF has decades of experience in the feed sector, in development, production and application. We place particular importance on delivering the highest quality for the benefit of humans and animals alike. That is why our customers can rely on our products to meet the highest standards and fulfil their needs. For us, this also includes holding the necessary certificates and fulfilling industry specifications. With our high-quality, efficient products, we help you to keep your business profitable and preserve resources at the same time.

Ensuring our customer's quality requirements:

  • Ensuring top product quality
  • Tightening regulatory requirements
  • Competitive pressures and rising costs

More than 50 years of expertise & commitment for better animal nutrition

Timeline: More than 50 years of expertise & commitment for better animal nutrition
Animal feed additives - Photo of salmon meat

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