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    42 Results


    Ammonium Bicarbonate

    Ammonium Bicarbonate by BASF is an important ingredient for various cookies and biscuits. Being a highly effective baking agent, ammonium bicarbonate does not leave any flavor-affecting residues.

    Ammonium Carbonate

    Ammonium carbonate by BASF is a highly efficient baking agent, mainly used for flat cookies such as gingerbread or almond cookies. It does not leave any flavor-affecting residues.

    Ammonium Chloride

    From licorice and salmiac pastilles to chewing gum – ammonium chloride by BASF serves as excellent flavor-agent.


    Our highly concentrated, readily dispersible beta-carotene products make it easy to create vivid red-orange products.

    Betatene® Natural Beta-Carotene

    Betatene® is a naturally sourced beta-carotene derived from algae (Dunaliella salina) and part of our broad beta-carotene product range.


    Our Cegepal® functional fat powders simplify the incorporation of fat in all kinds of powdered formulations, convenience foods and functional nutrition products.

    Covi-Ox® Mixed Tocopherols

    Covi-Ox® mixed tocopherols are a highly effective naturally sourced antioxidant that extends the shelf life of a diverse range of foods containing fat.


    Covitol® - our natural vitamin E product range – is used in various dietary supplement and beverage applications.


    Crosspure® is a kieselguhr-free filtration aid for beverages such as wine or beer. It improves clarity and stability with a pure taste, and long shelf life.


    There is a simple and clear answer to turbidities, flavor and (heavy) metals. BASF’s Divergan® range!