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    Human Nutrition Asia Research Grant

    Asia Research Grant by BASF: Beyond Basic Nutrition

      BASF established the grant program as a science-based platform to advance research in preventative health. The grant program stimulates innovation and is an ideal platform for researchers in the region to connect and exchange ideas to improve health of consumers in Asia-Pacific.

      Launched in 2012, this program sees grants awarded to researchers in the region to study nutritional topics relevant for Asian-Pacific demographics and diets. With open innovation at its core, this strategic platform is also a collaboration between BASF, academics as well as food, beverage and dietary supplement manufacturers.

      Each year, research proposals are peer reviewed and selected by the Asia Research Grant expert panel which includes eminent academics and key opinion leaders in human nutrition. Winners will each receive up to 40,000 Euros in equivalent local currency and will have 18 months to conduct their research.

      Research Focus

      Rapid economic development and urbanization have brought about a nutritional transition in Asia that now includes more processed food and diets that veer toward higher sugar and fat content. Accompanied by more sedentary lifestyle choices and reduced physical activity, this has led to a rapid increase in consumers who are overweight or obese. The epidemiological transition has also shifted from nutrient deficiencies and communicable diseases to a higher incidence of chronic diseases such as metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

      We believe that delivering the right nutrients to the right people at the right time can play a fundamental role in reducing risk factors associated with these chronic diseases. As such, the Asia Research Grant has selected three major health themes to focus on for the 2018 grant.  

      • Theme 1 - Cardiovascular Health
      • Theme 2 - Metabolic Health
      • Theme 3 – Physical Function and Mobility

      Researchers interested in learning more about the grant program can contact BASF Human Nutrition Asia Pacific at