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    Animal Wellbeing, Animal Vitality, Animal Nutrition
    Animal Nutrition Vitality & Wellbeing

    Vitality & Wellbeing

      Our products keep your animals vital and fit

      BASF has decades of experience in the feed sector, in development, production and application. We place particular importance on delivering the highest quality for the benefit of humans and animals alike.

    Main benefits for vitality and wellbeing
    We’re developing feed additives to keep animals energetic and productive. Lutrell® is just one of many examples. Its omega-6’s help to reduce the strain of lactation on cows. This keeps cows feeling better while producing more and better milk.
    Our products help pigs to better digest and utilize their food as well as keeping feed hygienic and fresh. We provide what pigs need to grow, stay vital and eventually supply high-quality meat.
    BASF’s feed additives help poultry, such as laying hens and broilers, to make better use of the energy provided by their feed.
    BASF products keep dogs, cats, and other pets fit and vital so that they can spend many joyful years as part of the family. Vitamins give them everything they need for their metabolism.
    Our products are also often used in fish ponds and in marine aquacultures. Not only do they bind toxins in feed and ensure excellent performance through rapid, vital growth, they also provide fish and shellfish with all the important vitamins.